At Ginegar, we are committed to the environment and the responsible use of natural resources — and this commitment underlies everything we do.
As a result, we make every effort to incorporate sustainable practices in all aspects of our business processes and promote an environmentally-aware corporate culture where employees are encouraged to use resources modestly. We also work to continuously optimize our manufacturing processes, logistics and infrastructure so that we operate within a sustainable framework.

Environmental Friendly Solutions

More specifically, we promote environmental sustainability by focusing on developing energy-specific products that meet country-specific regulations and promote Integrated Pest Management (IPM) by:


  • Encouraging the growing of crops in greenhouses

This has a significant positive effect on the environment as it enables the production of higher yields (6 to 10 times the amount as compared to growing in open fields) with fewer resources. Growing in greenhouses helps achieve optimum growth conditions in any climactic zone – whether it be hot, cold, moderate or tropical – as compared to growing crops in open fields where climactic control is not possible. In addition, it also reduces the risks associated with sudden weather fluctuations, thus giving growers confidence and predictability all year round!


  • Biodegrable materials and recyclability

Ginegar’s solutions meet country-specific regulations for recyclability and are made of biodegradable materials.

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IPM - Integrated Pest Management
  • Reduced amount of pesticides

Ginegar’s agricultural nets can be used to significantly reduce the use of pesticides (up to 50% less pesticides are required). New regulations are being introduced all the time that limit the amount of pesticides used to a predefined range, and require growers to monitor all processes and produce crops that meet certain standards in terms of size, flavor and color. Greenhouses and protected growing houses give growers the confidence to meet these market requirements and regulations.


  • Conserve and use water efficiently

Ginegar offers multiple solutions that contribute to moisture protection and water conservation by reducing evaporation and water fluctuations in soil, and helping to maintain constant humidity in the root zone.

Cover Films Recycling

Important note about treatment of agricultural waste

Agricultural waste such as cover films, pipes, hanging wires and more may be constitute an environmental hazard when not properly treated after usage.

The dumping of such agricultural waste on the periphery of fields can cause multiple environmental hazards, including soil pollution and air pollution (usually caused by the burning of such waste, which can also be a health hazard).

For this reason, after cover films are used, the agricultural waste must be collected in a designated area and then treated according to each country’s regulations.


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