Apple growing research results show that shading nets help overcome weather extremes, increasing crop yields.

Apple growing research results from all over the world were shared at a recent conference in Santa

Catarina, Brazil. The leading agricultural portal, IsraelAgi, published an article summary discussing the

results shared.


Research results demonstrate that spreading shading nets over orchards protects the trees from both frost and hail as well as extreme heat. Thus net shading is helping farmers overcome global warming

damages, allowing for increased yields.


An experiment run by Ginegar Plastics shows the importance of matching the type of net to the type

and even variety of crop. The company has been working on photo-selective shading nets since 2000,

and by now has refined methods that enable fitting the shading net type to the crop type for best



In the experiments presented at the conference, shade nets have been demonstrated to help reduce

sun and wind intensity, maintain ground moisture, increase water consumption efficiency, save spray

against diseases and reduce fruit temperature for diverse crops in varied locations. Results also show

farmers achieve full ROI on the installation of shading nets within 1-2 years.


For more information, read the published article on IsraelAgri.

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