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How Science Blows The Wind Into The Sails Of Pest Control

How science blows the wind into the sails of pest control   To gain high yield of healthy crop, growers often face the challenge of resolving one issue and creating another in the effort to optimize growing conditions. Alternatively, to better one aspect they must ...

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Why Food Storage Lies At The Core Of Future Food Security

Why food storage lies at the core of future food security Interview with Alessandro L. Mangetti, Director of Sales & Marketing, Ginegar Brazil   The food security challenge It is estimated that by 2040 the world’s population will reach 9 billion people. To f...

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Growing Cannabis in California With ALUMINET DS To Receive Optimal Production

By growing varieties that bloom when day and night are equal, ALUMINET DS screen made by Ginegar serve that purpose An Interview with Zari Gal, Agronomist at the Ginegar         In recent years many farmers have begun to raise cannabis. The increased dem...

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Covering The World With Care Finding Ways To Tailoring Products To Needs

Covering the World with Care Finding ways to tailoring products to needs     Ginegar Plastics Product is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing of advanced plastic films and nets for a wide range of applications in agriculture as well as o...

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Next Generation Crop Protection

Next Generation Crop Protection   Interview with Ginegar Agronomist Zari Gal, on trends in the plastic nets covering industry.   “The plastic net covers industry has grown in the past few years, and in large part this is due to the phenomenon of global warming...

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Indian Agriculture – The Greenhouse Age

Indian Agriculture – The Greenhouse Age   Ginegar Plastic Products launches a new plastic film plant for Indian farmers   After two decades of selling plastic film products in India, Ginegar Plastic Products has decided to establish in India a plant for ...

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New At Ginegar– Silobag, An Innovative Storage Solution

Resistant, practical and flexible!     SiloGar was created to store grains, silages and fodder in a safe, economical and profitable way. Designed to preserve grains under optimal conditions at the site of harvest or storage. Made of LDPE (low-density polyethy...

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Berry Growing Challenges And Tunnel Growing Solutions

Everyone loves a good berry! They bring color and sweetness into your kitchen, indicating the coming of summertime.  Modern growing practices however enable growing these delicious fruit out of season. This is how supermarkets can offer the popular fruit all year round....

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Greenhouse Film Transmitting Selective UV-B Radiation Induced Plants To Produce Substances Beneficial To Human Health

New study finds; Greenhouse film transmitting selective UV-B radiation induced plants to produce substances beneficial to human health The Bottom line – Cover flim help grow better quality, more nutritious crops. In a revolutionary research in the field of interac...

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Cannabis And Greenhouses – An Ideal Mix

Cannabis cultivation is one of the fastest growing industries in the world today. Medicinal marijuana opened the doors and recreational licenses soon followed. In 2012 Colorado was the first state to legalize recreational marijuana. California followed in 2016.  In 2017...

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Growing Crops In Greenhouses To Promote Sustainability

Over the years, we had made a lot of effort to communicate globally that growing crops in greenhouses has a significant positive effect on the environment as it enables the production of higher yields (6 to 10 times the amount as compared to growing in open fields) with...

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Multi-Layer Plastic Films Can Improve Farmers’ Crops

Improvements in covering technology can suit a wide range of purposes The recent development of advanced multi-layer mulch films produced in Israel at Ginegar Plastics has brought significant advantages for farmers worldwide. The initiative leading to these latest impro...

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Apple Growing Research Results Show That Shading Nets Help Overcome Weather Extremes, Increasing Crop Yields.

Apple growing research results show that shading nets help overcome weather extremes, increasing crop yields. Apple growing research results from all over the world were shared at a recent conference in Santa Catarina, Brazil. The leading agricultural portal, IsraelAgi,...

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Thermal Shading Nets Protect Banana Crops from Frostbite

Thermal Shading Nets Protect Banana Crops from Frostbite Every farmer will tell you it’s not called frost “bite” for nothing. When there is a frost and the temperature drops, reality bites! Banana crops are especially sensitive to frost damages, as the plant is tropical...

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Manipulating The Ultra Violet Radiation, Improving Your Yield Quality And Incomes

The Ultra Violet range, 280- 380 NM, a very short and violent wavelength, invisible for human been eye, causing us skin burns and cancer. The Ultra violet radiation is essential for bee’s vision and orientation, could affect leaves, fruits and flowers coloration, and al...

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Ginegar’s Solution For Saving Water

At Ginegar, we are committed to helping our customers overcome these challenges, and offer multiple solutions that contribute to water conservation and efficient water usage.   One of these products – our Mulch More™ Films Moisture – contribute to moisture protecti...

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Increased Use Of Shading Nets To Overcome Global Warming Damages

Use of nets helps to increase yield, since the nets maintain ground moisture http://www.israelagri.com/?CategoryID=402&ArticleID=1604

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