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Ginegar Plastics Greenhouse Films – Pamper your crop

Keep your cannabis crop and your banker happy with innovative solutions to optimize growth conditions and costs


At Ginegar, we’re dedicated to knowing our customers’ needs and empowering their growth. We are aware of the delicate balance a fine crop of cannabis demands. We want to help you pamper your cannabis crop, so that it grows to be the best quality cannabis you can get.  Enhanced canopy temperature control and improved light transmission do not have to mean extra expenses. Optimized conditions can be achieved alongside considerable energy savings.


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With a focus on technological innovation and operational advancement, we offer innovations for enhancing productivity, optimizing efficiencies and managing light transmission, canopy climate, growing conditions, and resources. You can save on heating costs, pesticides, lighting and irrigation with cutting-edge solutions from Ginegar Plastics. Our specialists will be happy to discuss your specific growing needs and to help you tailor a solution for effective growth.


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