Covering the World with Care Finding ways to tailoring products to needs

Covering the World with Care

Finding ways to tailoring products to needs



Ginegar Plastics Product is a world leader in developing, manufacturing and marketing of advanced plastic films and nets for a wide range of applications in agriculture as well as others. Mr. Moshe Ron, Ginegar ́s CEO in the past 14 years, has been with the company since its foundation in 1970. In the interview Moshe defines Ginegar as “provider of covers – covers for greenhouses, soil covers for mulching and reservoirs as well as covers for industrial uses – however with permanent focus on agriculture.“In its dawn, the Agri-film industry concentrated on the physical protection of crops, against harsh and ever changing climate conditions. With time as our knowledge expanded we learned to add to our products an array of traits that enable growers worldwide not only to protect their crop but also to better meet their challenges. “As a company that grows from the agriculture for the growers, we best understand the need to develop answers to different needs of growers, who are dealing with different crops and changing growing conditions worldwide.



“Our R&D in conjunction with the academy, direct much of its efforts and resources to ever improve Ginegar’s products traits as well as to constantly increase the array of available solution for application and needs, helping generate bigger and growing benefits to the growers. “We are constantly investing in finding ways to tailoring products to needs, for which – I am proud to say – Giengar’s team includes professional agronomists who stay in close, professional contact with growers to bring understanding from the field and to deliver professional solutions back to the growers.


“We, at Ginegar, strongly believe that the business we are in, is in constant growing and is bound to continue so in the foreseeable future. “The growing world population, the increasing scarcity of available water and farm land, together with the ever- increasing demand for affordable food, are expected to continue driving the need for our products. These assumptions are the main drivers of our investment in R&D, machinery and products-range. “Agriculture these days” explains Moshe, “is bound to



becoming ever more intensive. Those who participate in it, strive to yield more, of better quality from smaller growing units. In this Ginegar has unique abilities, knowledge and products to contribute” Ginegar is proudly counting 45 years of experience in the field yet it still is young and vibrant. Its products are sold to and used in more than 60 countries. “We have wide geographical deployment and dominant presence in many important markets. Ginegar corporate’s base is in Kibbutz Ginegar, in the north of Israel. It possesses 3 manufacturing sites in Israel (Kibbutz Ginegar for Films, Kibbutz Nir Yitzhak- for knitted products, Kibbutz Neot Mordehai – for woven products). It also has production site in Brazil (SP) for knitted and woven products. “As part of Ginegar’s quest to remain world leader not only in product quality but also in service quality, we founded 3 subsidiaries (in USA, Brazil and India) enabling us to get closer to our customers, understanding better the global trends and local needs and build commensurate availability of products and services.


“We think that service and reliability are no less important component of the quality in the eyes of the customer, than the product itself. We are constantly striving accordingly. “We stay in constant contact with greenhouses constructors, who by being in constant, direct contact with the users of our products, are among the first to identify needs to replace worn-out products (after 3-4 years of use), as well as changes in market trends or needs. Moshe continues and talk about Ginegar’s spirit of innovation. “We were the first in the world to introduce 3 layers’ films and pioneered the development and application of the 5 layers’ technology in agriculture films. The multilayers technology enables optimization of the distribution and allocation of raw-material, achieving improved mechanical and photo-selective products’ characteristics for the users’ benefit. About four year ago, Ginegar acquired the agriculture activity of Polysack of Nir Itzhak, which developed and manufactured nets for the agriculture. “To our understanding” affirms Moshe “the Agri-Nets is a complementary product perfectly suiting our idea of Covering the World with Care”


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