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Empower your yield growth with Ginegar Plastic products.

Meet our experts at HorTex Vietnam 2020, booth C5

Ginegar Plastics – the experts for greenhouse film and shading nets.
At Ginegar, we’re dedicated to knowing our customers’ needs, as they drive everything we do. We offer cutting-edge and tailor-made solutions for enhancing productivity, optimizing efficiencies and managing light, climate (temperature and humidity) and other growing conditions and resources. Our diverse products allow for improved yields while enabling considerable operational savings in diverse agricultural applications.

Finding the right Greenhouse film, shading net or mulch covering for you has never been easier!

Greenhouse and tunnel cover films

Ginegar manufactures market-leading agricultural cover films for use in greenhouses and tunnels. The advanced technologies enable climate and light control which allow for optimizing growth conditions for diverse crops, enhancing yields for growers worldwide.

Mulch plastic films

Ginegar manufactures a variety of mulch films which allow for soil temperature management, preventing crop overheating. Our films also allow for light and radiation control that enhances photosynthesis, and reduces the germination of weeds. Diverse properties enable pest control for higher yields.

Greenhouse nets for light and climate control

Ginegar manufactures shading nets with color-light spectrum management properties, anti-hail nets, thermal screens and nets for pest control. Our net and covers optimize growing conditions, meeting the operational needs of growers worldwide.

Make the most the Ginegar’s diverse solutions, combining them to manage growing conditions and optimize operations – empowering your yields growth.

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