Anti-Insect (polysack) Nets

In today’s environmentally-conscious environment, there is a growing awareness of the severe damage caused by toxic pesticides to the environment and to public health. In fact, many consumers are no longer prepared to put pesticide-treated agricultural produce on their tables, and this trend of reduced used of toxic materials will grow together with the legislation of environment protection laws.


However, pests and insects also cause immense damage to agricultural yield by feeding on or sucking plants, depositing eggs on crops and spreading disease.


Moreover, these insects also develop resistance to chemical pesticides that are still used, resulting in a significant reduction in the efficiency of these materials.


This creates the need for an alternative solution to protect crops from pests and insects. Ginegar answers this need with its wide range of advanced anti-insect (polysack) nets, which block the entry of pests and insects into the crop environment and significantly reduce the use of pesticides.


These nets are commonly used in the following structures to protect vegetable, herb, orchard and flower crops:

  • Nethouses – lightweight frames with poles and cables that support the net
  • Greenhouses – air vents are covered with nets or all of the greenhouse walls are made of nets
  • Walk-in tunnels – completely covered with net or covered with net and PE sheets


Types of Anti-Insect (polysack) Nets


Ginegar’s anti-insect nets are differentiated by hole size (mesh = number of holes per inch). The following types of nets are available and are applied based on the type of insects prevalent in the area:


17-Mesh Net 

This net is used for protection against fruit flies (Mediterranean fruit fly and fig fruit fly) in orchards and vineyards, grape moth and pomegranate deudorix livia. This net is also used for protection against climatic elements such as hail, wind and excess solar radiation.


25-Mesh Net  

This net is used for protection against Mediterranean fruit fly in peppers.


40-Mesh Net

This net is used for partial blocking of whiteflies where climatic conditions do not allow the use of 50 mesh nets.


50-Mesh Net

This net is used for blocking whiteflies, aphids and leafminer. Also available in the color grey.


55-Mesh Net

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Product Name Shade  % Download
Anti Insect 17 Mesh 16-18% Clear mesh 1717
Anti Insect 25 Mesh 18-22% Anti insect net 25 mesh P10
Anti Insect 40 Mesh 20-23% mesh 40
Anti Insect 50 Mesh 25-29% Mesh50
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OptiNet® – Dual Thrip Control


OptiNet is a patent-protected, new-generation anti-insect net that integrates physical and optical protection. This innovative net dramatically reduces the number of pests and insects that enter the crop environment, especially thrips and whitefly and leafminer. The net contains optical additives (non-toxic) that blind and repel the insects before they reach the net.

Four-year trials conducted at the Besor experimental station in conjunction with the Volcani Institute of the Agricultural Research Organization demonstrated that the thrips population under 40-and 50-mesh OptiNet is eight times lower than under standard 50-mesh nets.

OptiNet is the only net that provides a solution for the problem of thrips while maintaining an adequate air flow, and its optical properties are maintained throughout its lifecycle. The use of the 40-mesh OptiNet provides even better ventilation conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Five times less pest penetration as compared to a standard 50-mesh net
  • Reduces heat in structures using light reflection and shading
  • Remains dust-free as compared to a transparent 50-mesh net
  • Reduces the development of leaf diseases (such as late blight of tomatoes
  • Enables the use of a thinner net (40-mesh) to obtain better insect control results as compared to a standard 50-mesh net, thus achieving better ventilation in the growth house


Product Name Shade  % Download
Optinet 17 Mesh 16-18%
Optinet 25 Mesh 18-22%
Optinet 40 Mesh 20-23% optinet 40 Mesh
Optinet 50 Mesh 25-29% mesh optinet 50
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