Flexi Tank

Ginegar– Agriplast flexi tank


Innovative solution for storage and transport of water, anywhere, anytime.

In the 21 century the world is suffering under reduced water resources for safe, drinkable water and water that can be conveniently used for construction and other applications. Rivers are drying up, water wells are becoming unsafe. Water availability is an engineering challenge in isolated locations. The existing solution of mobile water tanks creates further challenges, such as pilferage, evaporation losses, quality (drinkable?)’ mobility and maintenance.

Ginegar is offering a new solution for the global water challenge.

Agriplast – bags for storage and transportation of high-quality water. The bags are made of polyethylene with UV stability characteristics that is anti-rodent and FDA approved. The bags have inlet and outlet valves. They are approved for use and achieved Food grade, enable water quality control, are highly mobile and easy and safe to use while creating significant cost savings. The bags scan be used for diverse applications including construction sites, industry, agricultural farms and animal husbandry, portable containers and more. The product is successfully tried in India.


Technical Specifications:

Multi-layered specialized polyethylene films

Encased in 200 gsm laminated woven polypropylene films for high durability

3-inch valves at top inlet and bottom outlet

Discharge pressure up to 30psi

5/5 (1 Review)

made in israel