YugAgro - Workshop invitation - 19/11/2019 14:30-16:30

Israeli technology, knowledge and experience are the guarantee of your success.

Ginegar Plastic products invites you to meet and learn about your needs and our solutions. Together with 3 other companies Mapal, Glacon, AgroSheriff, we will share with you our technology and knowledge.

Ginegar Cover solutions – greenhouse, tunnels open field, plastic and nets, how they affect claimant, insect and light control and balance for vegetable, flowers and orchards, groing your yields and income.
Alexander Forman

MAPAL products for Hydroponic solutions, How to optimize your crops (vegetable, flowers, herbs, strawberries) with Mapal’s hydroponic solutions.
Erick Berger

Agrosheriff – Practical examples and experience of using Israeli technologies and equipment in the CIS countries.
Fridrih Rubinshtein

Galcon – Climate control in and plastic greenhouses.
Mario Alberto

Israeli materials and equipment are a guarantee
of quality and reliability.

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